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overdue love

Posted by user14405 September 19, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Hey guys!

I was just having a look on my Itunes and noticed there weren't many UI/Advanced lessons for download recently! So I came to check it out and it seems some changes have been made. Saddening, but everyone else is making a buck so why shouldn't you guys!?

I have actually been with chinesepod from the very start, just looked then, my first download was #10 the four tones (9/05)!

I have loved the service (yes, as a freeloading, non-paying scum bag) and believe me, I'll be back and I'll be paying a sub-scription at some time.... but first I have over 200 intermediate-advanced lessons to get bored of first.

Sorry I havn't shared my love with you before this.

LOTS of love!

何丹龙 (Yes... another foreigner with dragon in his name...how lame)


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