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茶壶 cháhú

Posted by calkins September 19, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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T : 茶壺


S : 茶壶



Sorry, there is no animated stroke order available for 壶.  You can determine the stroke order from its components below:



Example Sentences

T 媽媽剛從超市買回一隻小巧精致的茶壺
S 妈妈刚从超市买回一只小巧精致的茶壶

māmā gāng cóng chāoshì mǎihuí yī zhī xiǎo qiǎo jīngzhì de cháhú.

Mother just bought an exquisite teapot from the supermarket.

T 這個漂亮的茶壺是用紫砂燒制而成的。
S 这个漂亮的茶壶是用紫砂烧制而成的。

zhège piàoliang de cháhú shì yòng zǐshā shāozhì érchéng de.

This beautiful teapot is made of purple clay.

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