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phonetic map : 半 bàn

Posted by goulnik October 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 半

pàn distinguish; discriminate / to judge; decide.
判定 pàndìng judge; determine.
pán b.f. comfortable; contented
心宽体胖 xīnkuāntǐpán carefree and contented
pàn side; bank
河畔 hépàn river side/bank
bàn to accompany; companion
伙伴 huǒbàn partner; companion
bàn half; very little; partly
半天 bàntiān half a day; a long time
bàn to stumble; obstruction
绊脚 bànjiǎo to trip up; be in the way
pàng fat; stout; plump
胖病 pàngbìng obesity

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