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phonetic map : 分 fēn

Posted by goulnik December 7, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 分

忿 fèn angry
气忿 qìfèn s.v./n. angry; furious
fēn b.f. atmosphere; ambience
气氛 qìfēn n. atmosphere; ambience
fēn .
吩咐 fēnfù to tell; instruct
fèn share; portion
月份 yuèfèn n. month
没份 méifèn v.o. not have a share
fēn to divide; separate / part
部分 bùfen n. part; section
分析 fēnxi v. analyze
fēn b.f. disorderly; confused
纠纷 jiūfēn n. dispute; issue
纷乱 fēnluàn s.v. numerous and
disorderly; helter-skelter
fēn b.f. sweet smell; fragrance
芬芳 fēnfāng s.v. fragrant / fragrance
fěn n. powder
面粉 miànfěn n. wheat flour
pàn v. hope/long for; expect
盼望 pànwàng to hope; look forward to
pén n. basin; tub; pot
盆地 péndì n. basin
pín poor; impoverished
贫穷 pínqióng s.v. poor; needy
bàn v. be dressed up/disguised as
打扮 dǎban v. dress/make up
bān b.f. proclaim
颁发 bānfā to issue; promulgate

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