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phonetic map : 坐 zuò

Posted by goulnik October 5, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 坐

cuò to defeat; frustrate
下挫 xiàcuò v. fall; decline
cuò to cut; break
剉尸 cuòshī v.o. cut corpse of a criminal
cuò n./v. file (smooth)
锉刀 cuòdāo n. file M:把
cuó .
痤疮 cuóchuāng acné
cuó short (of stature)
矬子 cuózi short person; dwarf
zuò n. seat; place
主座 zhǔzuò n. seat of honor
zuò v. to sit; travel
坐下 zuòxia r.v. sit down
zuò b.f. azole
咔唑 kǎzuò n. carbazole

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