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phonetic map : 古 gǔ

Posted by goulnik October 19, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 古

to estimate; appraise
估价 gūjià to appraise; evaluate
on. cluck; coo
嘀嘀咕咕 dídigūgū mutter to oneself
reason; cause; on purpose
故事 gùshi story; tale
故意 gùyì intentionally
s.v. ancient; age-old
古代 gǔdài n. antiquity
古老 gǔlǎo s.v. ancient; old
father/husband's sister
姑娘 gūniang girl; daughter
to buy; sell
沽售 gūshòu v. buy and sell
牯牛 gǔniú n. bull
蘑菇 mógu mushroom
hardship; suffering; pain
痛苦 tòngkǔ pain; suffering
s.v. withered; dried up
枯井 kūjǐng n. dried well
b.f. recklessly/irrelevantly
胡说 húshuō to talk nonsense
v. reside; dwell; live
居民 jūmín n. resident

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