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Quality control rant

Posted by auntie68 September 21, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Dear CPOD, I glanced at my profile today and was shocked to see two new items of information which I hadn't noticed before:

Motivation: "Business" !!!!

Level: "Newbie" (*I don't mind that, but it was a conscious choice on my part before to leave this field BLANK)

There was a moment of panic when I thought that somebody had hacked my account. Then I realized that you had made another sneaky change to the menu for these two fields, so that the default were "Business" and "Newbie", respectively. No option to leave this blank.

I am sick and tired and irritated by these ongoing sneaky changes which you never ever seem to think through properly, let alone bother to tell people about. It's sloppy. It's daft.

And since the shift to V4, my payment history has been displayed incorrectly, although the errors do change to other errors. Eg. my history once showed that I had paid $69 for my first subscription, when I had paid $60. Today it says that my first payment was made in 1969. Sure, when I was one year old...

This is the ranting of a very grumpy Auntie over quality issues which obviously are not considered important by you. I've received strange e-mails thanking me for renewing my subscription when I didn't (Adi explained that it was a mistake), More than once, I've had to waste time wondering what was wrong with my iTunes playlists after you sneakily changed some field or other in the metadata (Eg. "chinesepod" vs "chinesepod.com").

Even in the "conversations" section, I still see a message saying that my e-mail address will be sent out with any pm I send out. Is this really the case? 

The Grammar section is slowly becoming more substantial, but why oh why don't you guys ever bother to put up proper "Under Construction" signage so that we don't click on links which lead to nowhere?

No reply needed. Please just do something about that CPOD sloppiness. 

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