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phonetic map : 麻 ma

Posted by goulnik October 5, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 麻

ma (particle)
喇嘛 lǎma lama
摩撒 māsa to rub; massage
hemp; numbed
麻烦 máfan to trouble; bother
麻木 mámù numb; apathetic
* .
麻麻黑 māmahēi dusk
乱麻麻 luànmāmā r.f. messy; disorderly
to wear down/out
磨损 mósǔn wear and tear
mill/to grind
风磨 fēngmò n. wind mill
to rub
按摩 ànmó v./n. massage
monster; magic
魔鬼 móguǐ n. demon; devil
魔术 móshù magic
porridge; ruined
糜丽 mílì extravagant
糜粥 mízhōu congee; porridge
blown by the wind
靡丽 mǐlì magnificent; luxurious
披靡 pīmǐ swept by the wind
浮靡 fúmí s.v. decadent
méi .
糜子 méizi n. broom corn millet

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