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phonetic map : 令 lìng

Posted by goulnik October 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 令

líng zero / a little extra
零度 língdù nullity (math)
零件 língjiàn spare part
líng age; years
年龄 niánlíng age
lǐng mountain range
山岭 shānlǐng mountain chain
lìng to command; cause
命令 mìnglìng v./n. order
人 lìngrén to make one (do)
lǐng neck; collar/to lead
白领 báilǐng n. white collar
领导 lǐngdǎo n. leader(ship)
líng .
玲珑 línglóng clever and nimble
líng n. bell
门铃 ménlíng n. doorbell
líng performer; clever
伶俐 línglì clever; bright;
lěng cold; cool
冷静 lěngjìng sober; calm
mìng life; fate
生命 shēngmìng life
lián sympathy; pity
可怜 kělián pitiable; poor
* lín neighbor
邻近 línjìn near; vicinity

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