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phonetic map : 由 yóu

Posted by goulnik October 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 由

yóu n. oil; fat/petroleum
汽油 qìyóu n. gasoline
* yóu to post; mail
邮票 yóupiào postage stamp
yóu nuranium
铀堆 yóuduī uranium reactor
yóu to let sb. do sth./ cause; reason
自由 zìyóu free; freedom
理由 lǐyóu reason; argument
chōu take out; whip
抽烟 chōuyān to smoke tobacco
抽动 chōudòng twitch; spasm
zhòu all time
区宙 qūzhòu the universe
zhóu axle; axis; shaft
同轴 tóngzhóu coaxial
zhóu .
妯娌 zhóuli wives of brothers
xiù sleeve
无袖 wúxiù sleeveless
xiù mountain; cave
远岫 yuǎnxiù distant mountain

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