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What is PlecoDict & ZDT

Posted by calkins September 26, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Comments from another conversation, since I got a bit off topic:


greggs says
2 hours ago


what is the "ZDT or PlecoDict"?  I am unfamiliar with these terms.




calkins says
21 minutes ago

Hi Gregg,

PlecoDict is an amazing dictionary/flashcard program for Palm OS and PocketPC handhelds (soon to work on iPhones as well). 








It also has a great character handwriting recognition tool...excellent if you want to quickly look up a character that you don't know. 

There are many great features to this software, like importing your own vocabulary lists to add to the flashcards section (that's what I've added above).  Many here will swear by this software.  It will set you back a hundred (US) dollars or so, but it is invaluable.


ZDT is a free flashcard program that you can run on your computer.  It has lots of useful features.  There are a few similar programs out there, but this is the one I'm familiar with.









If nothing else, I would highly recommend PlecoDict...there's nothing out there like it.


bababardwan says
11 minutes ago


Thanks for explaining that 'cos like greggs I was wondering about it too ,and knew I should check it out as I think I saw it mentioned before on another post as well [by you I'm pretty sure].That PlecoDict looks supercool [particularly if you were in China on the move],but unfortunately I don't have any of the devices it runs on.Will content myself with checking out the ZDT in the meanwhile.Thanks also for sharing your vocabulary .txt files for these programmes.Champ!


calkins says
1 minute ago

bababardwan, no problem at all.  As far as not having a PDA, I actually went out and bought a Palm TX solely for the purpose of using Pleco.  Now I use the Palm for other things, but you can get a list of fairly inexpensive PDA's that will run Pleco here.  P.S. I'm not getting kickbacks from either of these companies (unfortunately!).

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