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Posted by goulnik September 30, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

CPod, call-to-action (take 2)

Credit where credit is due : this was originally from mandarinboy, posted days 3 ago in ChinesePod Groups Feedback.  But here I am, goulniky, able to edit / modify anybody's post, push it to another group even. The good news is I am being tracked, but I will appear as the person who posted in the first place. 

Since no one else have posted I do an attempt. I do use the community a lot. This is simply because I there get more information for other students struggling with the same issues as I am. In the forums there are many very nice debates around studying, learning, strategies, tips and more. Any sort of query I do have I can have answered in the community by other very kind students. I can feel that I lack a lot of functionality in the community e.g.

- A real forum. Why leave Cpod to go to the forum? Weird idea to me.

- Search functionality that lets med define good search criteria, like age, groups, subjects etc.

- Possibility to use more text features in the post. As it is now it is easier to write the text in word and then paste it.

- On line collaboration. I would like to be able to share and search study e.g. lists in a fast and simple way. Many of us do create study lists that collects e.g. verbs, good to know expressions etc. That would be nice to be able to reuse.



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