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野孩子乐队: Wildchild; check out great Chinese music and solve a translation problem all at once!

Posted by ningmeng September 27, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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我要翻译一首歌,叫米店,是野孩子乐队。我的问题是那最后一句话,真太难翻译!怎么?! 哈哈,我知道我写的英语太尴尬,不过我不知道怎么办,不要改变意思。 你们觉得呢?




三月的烟雨 飘摇的南方
你一手拿着苹果 一手拿着命运
窗外的人们 匆匆忙忙
你的舞步 划过空空的房间
爱人 你可感到明天已经来临
我会洗干净头发 爬上桅杆


Rice Store


The misty March rain sways the south

You sit in an empty rice store

With one hand you grab an apple, with another you grab fate

Searching for your own fragrance


Beyond the window people buzz about

Gaze lost on damp streets

Your step streaks across the empty room

Time changes into mist


Lover you feel tomorrow has already come

Our boat is stopping at the pier

I can wash my hair clean, climb up the mast

It's as if our home were a vine of grapes, supported tenderly on a young branch


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