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Which style is best?

Posted by bababardwan September 28, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

excuter says
9 hours ago

@ bababardwan, yes that would be fun. But for which style is the best (for you)... that depends on your personality.

And to quote grand master Chen xiao wang:

it's all right, if the principle agrees  ^_^



I think there is some truth in what you say.It may also perhaps depend on the situation.I have heard that the high kicks in Tae Kwon Do may have had some origin in kicking people off horses.Historically, kung fu was a closely kept secret and was passed down in families.But in recent times ,at least in the west,one can easily enrol in a wide variety of martial arts schools.So naturally one tries to work out which style is the best [or as you say ,perhaps the most suitable for the person].I have heard martial artists debate enthusiastically that their style and their master is the best.This is to be expected.After all ,if one didn't think their style and teacher was the best,one would simply move on to the best.While there may be some validity in what you say,there is no denying that at least amongst some martial artists it is an area of debate.

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