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Posted by json September 29, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.


I listened "The Breakup" today...

Zhang Liang called Lili and tried to explain what happened when he work overtime... but Lili still does not believe what he said and just say that was too coincident... Lili kept saying about Zhang Liang's woman collegue as his new girlfriend and Zhang Liang also mentioned Lili's friend (Liuxiang) and said Liu xiang is famous and have future but he is not that's why Lili does not believe him... finally they fed up with each other and Zhang Liang said "fen shou ba" first... then Lili said "fen jiu fen" then also said he said to break up first not her...

I will listened to the other dialogues again other day and post... hope andrew and helen are fine... bye 

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