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Posted by json October 1, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.


Today's dialogue was "Uncomfortable Encounter in a Bar" which is our one... and it has 4 roles... I will do Zhang Liang's friend Zhen hua and Andrew will do Zhang Liang and Helen will do Lili and Liu Xiang at the same time... ^^

Zhang Liang and Zhen hua go to bar together because Zhen hua said he will treat Zhang Liang... but coincidentally then meet Lili and Liu Xiang at the bar... Zhang Liang and Lili felt uncomfortable but I guess Lili is already forget about Zhang Liang... Zhang Liang does not want to make any trouble but his friend Zhen hua become angry to Liu Xiang... talk about he steal Zhang Liang's girlfriend and etc... finally they leave the bar...

I think this dialogue is very sad... because Zhang Liang hurt too much... but Lili is happy with another new boy friend... I guess I need to over react when I am doing Zhen hua's role... haha it will be fun >.<

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