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Joanna and Katherine P's Group Discussion

Posted by jbay October 3, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Katherine ! I printed out the full script for the eight dialogues today- what a soap opera! Quite sad that Zhang Liang and Lili couldn't work things out, it seems both were making alot of rash statement, particularly generalising about the opposite sex! Definatley some spiteful tones there. The dialogues were even more dramatic than last semester, and I didn't think that was possible, but highly entertaining. Some new vocab to understand, but most of the grammar structures were easy enough. I also notes the prevalence of sound effects, some new such as 'heng' (first tone- meaning 'humph') and some older ones like hahaha.

Just to clarify because I can't remember, are we doing The Breakup and It's Over, or It's Over (Again)- I forgot to write them down.

Should definately get together sometime next week to rehearse, I'm looking forward to it! 

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