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Nick and Joel's Discussion

Posted by nmar October 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey Joel,

So the discussion begins!

Ive just had a look at the first two dialogues and it looks like the play should progress quite interestingly. The first one saw LiLi try to ring ZhangLiang when he was working overtime, and she overreacted a little when a female colleague answered instead, especially with the call that 你们男人都一个样 . I guess we will see if her suspicions were correct or if ZL's phone really was dead.


With the 'conniving friend' one, LL talks to a friend in the aftermath of the above phonecall where she reveals her suspicions. The reason it is called 'conniving friend' is that LL's friend is actually the one who expressed an interest in ZL at the end of the last play so in this one she subtlely tries to persuade LL that ZL isnt right 'for her'. This will add further drama to the play as her involvement in the play will maybe become more significant. So so far LL feelings for ZL appar to be weakening, like ZL's were at the end of the last play...


cant wait to find out what happens next!!!haha

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