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Posted by hkim October 6, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi guys~
How's break? having a relax time?
Well, i know that we started a bit late than we expected but i realized i created my group at different place :P

Oh well, now i want to talk about our topics,
1.The other woman
2.Seeking comfort
3.Uncomfortable encounter in a bar

The main characters in total are
Zhang Liang, Lili and Liu Xiang.

It is obvious that Zhang Liang and Lili was
in a relationship and they got break up because Zhang Liang was so busy doing his work, did not satisfy Lili.
However, Lili seems to go out with Liu xiang who was her ex boyfriend.

In this topics, i realized there are many words 'zenme zheme'. I thought this was may be
to emphasize on the character's stress and
confusion especially when friend of Zhang Liang found out Lili with Liu xiang.

I will post again later how we could perform
best at appropriate level of understading and
performances. Okay, cheers guys.


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