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Posted by jesslyn15 October 6, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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hey all you.. peoples, dogs, w/evers-

some people think that chinese is one of the hardest lang. out there.. are they right? you answer...

yea chinese is mostly about the culture, wealth, and they use there lang. as symbols to deff. the word they are saying. i can hardly speak a sentence, but let me say-

i liked this one guy from china, and we talked... and talked... and talked for like 2 monthes THEN he stopped. just out of the clear blue sky BOOM! lol haha well i'm over it- thats what i get, we have never met and met over the internet (stupid) (kind of), but the thing is is that some people think that chinese people don't have that much emotions than Americans- is that true???

you can answer....

i have never been to china, ive had one friend he was nice, and SEEN a couple of chinese people. but never been there, i eat chinese food. :) and i watch alot of chinese movies..:) but YEA.

seeing the lang. looks hard, some say that if ya know spanish it helps out alot with diff. languages... WRONG! chinese has no comparrasion wat so ever (my understanding) to spanish HOLA NIHAO!.. no.

-Jlynn B.

 P.S- if i spelled hello in chinese wrong, you can deff. tell how much i suck at it, but whats the fun in being sucky... thats why i'm learning it. :)

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