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Posted by lsar October 8, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi guys

well i have listened to the dialogues and its not good news for the lovely couple.

It starts off in dialogue one [the other woman] where zhang liang is doing overtime in. lili tries to call him on his mobile but its off. when she tries to call work, a woman answers the phone. lili goes, well in my opinion off her tree at zhang liang and it was way overboard. only a person who is capable of cheating would assume from such trivial evidence that their boyfriend is cheating.

The next dialogue is "confiding in a conniving woman". Basically trying to get advice on the situation, lili talks to her friend about what had happened. personally the friend was fine until the final lines where she showed her true colours and told lili he didnt suit her.

the next breakup was "the Breakup". no prizes for guessing what happens in this dialogue. basically lili goes back to this over the top emotionally driven aqusation that zhang liang was with another woman. zhang liang almost brings it back to being ok until he says that all women are suspicous. lili jumps on this as admission of guilt and goes more bananas. zhang liang once again in all his male wisdom chose to then say that she was guilty of being with her friend liu xiang [ remember the rich dude from last semesters dialogue]. he compares himself to him and lili agrees. zhang liang goes well fine then we'll split then. lili agrees again.

the next dialogue was bound to happen. "seeking comfort". and where does lili seek comfort, none other than liu xiang who funnily enough had been trying see lili for some time. lili does express a desire to be with zhang liang but the charm and money of liu xiang might sway lili i think.

The next dialogue shows the other side of the fight. a dads advice to a broken hearted son is enlightening. zhang liang's dad tries to console zhang liang but zhang liang in typical teenage mode, goes "you dont understand" which prompts zhang liangs dad to tell him how he fell in love with one girl but then broke up with her then met zhang liangs mum. despite this trip down memory lane, zhang liang is convinced that his dad doesnt understand and says the situation is just so sad. sorry but i think its way over the top. i think he needs to get over lili and realise he's nothing special and nor is she.

The second last dialogue is "uncomfortable encounter at the bar". it was bound to happen sooner or later, but in this dialogue zhang liang meets lili and liu xiang. things are going ok until zhen hua [zhang liangs friend] starts abusing liu xiang. zhang liang tries to stop him, eventually having to remove zhen hua from the bar. this dialogue has four people so one of us will need to do two characters. this shouldnt be a problem as lili has only two lines or so.

The final dialogue is "it's over again". sadly zhang liang cant let go and must make himself an even bigger idiot. he goes over to apologise to lili for what happened at the bar. things, like at the bar are going well until zhang liang tries to convince lili that liu xiang is not right for her and accuses her of breaking up with him to persue rich men. this 'smooth' comment makes lili even angrier. zhang liang declares that their relationship is now "completely" over. lili yells out that they were already completely split and demands he never speaks to her again. then slams the door in his face.

well theres the dialogues. basically the total collapse of a relationship due to a lack of trust and proper communication. sad.....very sad

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