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Say It Right Series

Dayoung and Hye Ri(Amy)'s discussion

Posted by hhan October 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Hi, dayoung! How's it going? I found these 8 dialogues very interesiting. In the first topic, there is a misunderstanding going on. What a shame.... ZL's mobile was off while he was working overtime. Obviously it was late night. And he was with the girl from last semester, FeiFei. I knew she would make some kinda trouble between ZL and LL.

I do understand how she felt when FF picked up the phone, laughing. LL could've imagined of anything. However, I personally think that LiLi is hot-tempered person. She at least should have talked with ZL and sorted out what was really going on. FF is just a collegue...

Or ZL should have at least texted to LL that he is running out of the battery, and working overtime tonight...

What did you think Dayoung? :)

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