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Posted by cfro October 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey! I've been looking at the first four dialogues.

In The Other Woman Zhang Liang and Lili's relationship, which i remember beginning to get rocky last semester, really begins to go downhill. Lili calls Zhang Liang and, on getting a woman becomes jealous - a little too fast, perhaps becausse Z.L hadn't been spending enough time with her! Z.L and Lili argue, and Lili hangs up on him!

Next Lili talks to her friend Chen Jing, who we remember was interested in Z.L! So when CHen hears of their troubles, she subtly begins to persuade Lili to leave him. The last line leaves herself an opening - she says that ZL is zhende bucuo (really not bad), and implies that someone else - her! - might be more suited.

On to the inevitable break-up. It is implied by zhongyu jie dianhua le that ZL has been frantically calling and Lili has been ignoring him. They argue about the call to work, and sort of mutually, angrily break up. This dialogue seems pretty universal to me - i guess couples everywhere are the same! When we present it we should definately ham it up a bit, get some of the emotion going... it won't be that easy to stage, though, because its just a phone conversation - Z.L and Lili don't actually see each other. We should think of actions we can do seperately to make it more interesting. And one of us is gonna have to dress up as Lili! Z.L. is definately pretty hurt here - he  is the contrite one, until they start arguing.

Which leads to the fourth dialogue. Z.L's dad tries to console him by telling Z.L about his own experiences, and how important it is to move on. This seems pretty culturally universal too! Z.L., predictably, doesn't take it well.

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