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phonetic map : 申 shen

Posted by goulnik October 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 申

shēn to stretch; proclaim
延伸 yánshēn to extend
伸冤 shēnyuān to seek redress of injustice
shēn 9th/12 earthly branches / to express; explain
申请 shēnqǐng to apply for
重申 chóngshēn to reiterate
shēn gentry; notable
绅士 shēnshì gentleman
shěn to examine; interrogate
审查 shěnchá to investigate
审判 shěnpàn (legal) trial
shén god; spirit; magical
精神 jīngshén spirit; mind
神奇 shénqí miraculous
shěn aunt **
婶妈 shěnmā father's brother's wife
shēn to recite
呻吟 shēnyín to groan; moan
shēn arsenic
砷中毒 shēnzhòngdú n. arsenic poisoning
shèn arsine
chēn to pull out; stretch
抻面 chēnmiàn hand-pulled noodles
chàng smooth; free
畅通 chàngtōng unimpeded
畅快 chàngkuài carefree
kūn ☷ ** / female
坤表 kūnbiǎo woman's watch

** wife of one's father's younger brother
** one of the Eight trigrams (☷) and second hexagram in 易经 Yìjīng (The Book of Changes)

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