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Ways to improve C-Pod Groups, Blogs, Forums

Posted by xiaohu October 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hi Kate,

I'm really glad you opened this topic.

The first thing that would improve the overall experience would be with an easier way of posting.  It took my a while to figure out that first you have to start a post, then from within the post you select which group or topic it applies to, only then post it.

Perhaps from within the group there could be a few buttons:

1- one to start new message string within that group blog.

2- the second would be to post a reply under a specific string,

3- the third would be to post to a SPECIFIC COMMENT and have your comment attached to it.

I think posting a reply to a specific comment will GREATLY improve the overall bloging/posting experience and cut down on the annoying syndrome of:

To Henning 什么什么

To Goulniky 什么什么

To Calkins 什么什么

It gets really frustrating trying to wade through comments that go off topic or are directed only at a specific users comment to another user from within a greater topic.

Once anyone replies to ANY posts, it would be great to get an e-mail notification following the GMAIL format of combining these notices into one e-mail so we don't get flooded with 30 seperate emails.  The comments with links to the topic could be emailed to us in one combined e-mail, or mailed back to our private C-pod boxes.

Also there needs to be an easier way to post comments with HTML code.  Right now I have to write my comment with the HTML code, post it to drafts, then hit the "ME" tab, then hit the "posts" tab, find my post, THEN hit the PENCIL tool to modify it, THEN FINALLY publish it.

Another thing that would help is if we could have a search engine designed to search through comments, blogs, group posts etc.

Speaking of Blogs, would it be possible for each Poddie to have a personal Blog within Chinesepod?  This would be something that isn't attached to a group, just an independent online weblog that we can use to blog about anything we want (hopefully Chinesepod / learning Chinese related).

One thing that would improve the Groups would be if a user who is not the creator or the moderator can't post their own topic that appers in the main menu of that group.

I know that's as clear as mud, so first take a look at my Chinese Accent Reduction group. http://chinesepod.com/community/groups/view/102

You will see his own comment appear breaking up the continuity of my posts.

While I DEFINATELY greatly welcome Calkins, or any other Poddies input, I don't like how his post appears breaking up the continuity the "table of contents" so to speak.

It would be great if there were a way that I can reorder my group posts.  I have a specific order that I want these posts to appear in, right now the order is not to my liking.

It would also be great if each of my posts could be combined under a specific heading of my choice.  IE: "Group Posts", "Lesson Posts" etc.



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