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[Grammar] 在天台上

Posted by kimiik October 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

In the sentence "在天台上温书也有罪吗 ?" (Is it a crime to read a book outside ?), 在 ... 上 may be a grammatical structure as beeing 天台上 (on the top of the sky) is not logical here.

For me 在天台上 is here the equivalent of 在外边上.

But, if I want to use "under the sky" 天台下 (or "in China" 天下) should I say :

在天台下温书也有罪吗 ?  在天下温书也有罪吗 ?


在天台下上温书也有罪吗 ?  在天下上温书也有罪吗 ?

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