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UltimateChinese UC Companion

Posted by zhensheng October 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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UlitmateChinese.com is owned and operated by SeyMing Language System Inc.

UltimateChinse (UC) is a powerful Chinese leaning system that seamlessly combines online and offline learning together, giving learners the flexibility to decide what and how to learn.

You can choose to learn any lessons on UC web site. You can also choose to learn a specific lesson offline with UC Companion. The standard version of UC Companion is free. We strangely recommend that you download and install this powerful learning platform because it has more functions than UC Online. You can record your own voice and compare yours with that of the teacher?s. You can assume role playing in a conversational dialogue among many others. The advanced version of UC Companion allows you to study any contents, from web pages to documents. It is the true ultimate learning companion.

UC Online and UC Companion are seamlessly connected. You can learn a free lesson online and you can download that free lesson to your UC Companion to learn as well. Like wise, if you purchase additional contents/lessons, those contents will be available under My UC online and you can download them to your UC Companion with just one click (only if you want to). This way, you can learn your content anywhere you travel with or without your computer.

You will discover soon that UC is a vast Chinese language learning material reservoir, and our learning contents come in all formats, not just PDF and MP3 files (of course, almost all our contents have MP3 files you can download). UC is dedicated to true multi-media and interactive way of learning Chinese.

It is a good way for Chinese learner. I use it 2 days.

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