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UC Companion - Offline learning software.

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UC's innovative and powerful technology provides users with the flexibility in learning Chinese both on- and off-line in true multi-media and interactive ways.

If you are a new user, please take a few minutes to review the following to get acquainted with UC web site and its many functions. Time spend here would make your learning more effective later on.

1. UC Online:
a. UC Online is the most powerful online Chinese learning system to date. It has a host of functions allowing you to interactively learn Chinese. It is more than just pretty PDF and MP3 static files. You can also manage your learning experience and lessons under My UC once you register. Check out our FREE lessons and see the power of UC Online yourself.

2. UC Companion:
a. UC Companion is UC's off-line learning platform. It allows users to learn Chinese on their computers without the need to log online all the time. Moreover, UC Companion has more functions than UC Online, such as voice recording and role playing. You can download this FREE learning platform and play around with the built-in FREE lesson.

b. You can always purchase and download any new lessons later on (see bellow).

3. Lessons and contents:
a. There are over 2000 lessons of different topics on UC and the number is growing on the daily basis.
b. Those learning materials cover beginning, intermediate and advanced levels to meet your learning needs and a wide range of topics. In addition to the Free lessons (8 free lessons and the free UC Daily Lessons), UC Chinese learning materials are categorized by levels, topics and/or books.
c. You can search on any keywords to find the learning material you want to learn on Pages of Home, My UC or Lessons.
d. You can purchase any contents/lessons online and that content/lesson will be available to you under My UC online.
e. You can download it with a single click at any time to your UC Companion within both My UC Online or UC Companion.

4. How to use UC Online:
a. If the listed lesson is not free, you need to make a purchase.
b. Once the online purchase is completed, you can find that lesson/content listed under My UC –〉 My Lessons.
c. Click on any of the listed buttons (Content, Vocabulary, Video, Exercises, or Discussion) to start your learning.

5. How to use UC Companion:
a. You can download UC Companion and install it on your computer. Make sure that you read the setting change if you use Windows Vista.
b. Then you just need to click on the Content of the lesson you purchased under My UC –〉My Lessons online and the lesson will be automatically downloaded to your UC Companion ready for you to learn on your computer.

6. Purchase and payment:
a. UC makes it easy for you to purchase any content online. You can actually purchase a lesson from a book that is relevant for your learning needs and not paying hugely on a whole book.
b. UC uses PayPal to process payment. For your convenience, you can buy POINTS and one point equals one US dollar. You can recharge as much as you like if you were going to purchase quite a few lessons.
c. Each time you purchase a lesson, points will be deducted until you exhaust all the points. Then you can recharge your account.
d. UC accepts Visa and Master cards via PayPayl.

7. Functions and Navigation
Online Navigation
UC Home This is the front page of UC where you can find Free lessons, registration, demonstration on UC Online and UC Companion as well as searching for lessons.
My UC This is where you will see and manage your user account as well as lessons/content you have purchased. This is also the place where you manage your vocabularies, post questions and receive messages other people send to you.
Lessons Lesson page is where you can search and find all types of lessons. They are listed by Topics, Books and by the most recent published. This is also the place where you can which one is the hottest lesson that other people also download.
Community UC Community has two discussion groups: one for discussion of specific lessons one’s learning and the other is the general discussion board that users can post any questions related to Chinese language or Chinese culture.
UC Tools This the page where you will find all special tools developed by UC, such as English-Chinese Dictionary. You can download those tools to your UC Companion. Most of the tools are Free while others are fee-based.
Sign in (out) This is the page where you can sign in and out to you’re my UC.
Help You can find the most frequently asked questions in this page. Please rest assured that we are constantly updating this page to address users’ feedback.
Functions and Tools
UC Online UC’s online learning platform that enables users to learn Chinese online in a true multi-media and interactive way.
UC Companion UC’s offline powerful learning platform that has more functions for interactive learning. UC Companion and UC Online are linked under one user name.
UC Instant Learner A powerful online tool that enables users to enter or cut-n-paste a phrase or sentence and get the meaning of it. You can also practice how to write each characters contained in the sentence. Do expect more learning functions coming soon.
UC Daily Lessons UC posts one free lesson per day for users to learn free of charge in addition to the 8 free lessons that any user can learn on- and off-line.

8. Most Frequently asked questions:
a. Please go to the Help page for most frequently asked questions.

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