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phonetic map : 辰 chen

Posted by goulnik October 14, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 辰

 chén b.f. morning
早晨 zǎochen early morning; daybreak
 chén time… **
生辰 shēngchén n. birthday
 chén imperial palace
枫宸 fēngchén emperor's residence
 zhèn to shake; quake
地震 dìzhèn earthquake
 zhèn to shake; vibrate
振铃 zhènlíng to ring a bell
 zhèn to aid; relieve
赈款 zhènkuǎn relief fund
 shēn to be pregnant
妊娠 rènshēn pregnancy
 shèn clam
蜃车 shènchē hearse
 chún lip
唇膏 chúngāo lipstick

**①5th of 12 Earthly Branches ②7-9 A.M. ③time; day; occasion ④celestial bodies

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