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Suggestion: Additional posting & visibility options for groups

Posted by henning October 16, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: groups, feedback, posting, feature request

I would really appreciate the following additional options for posts in group sections:

  • Unlimited change time
    Most of the group contents are not "blog discussion" which require meticulous archiving but content collections where mistakes might be discovered months after the publication. 
  • "Invisible" posts & changes
    Some posts are not relevant to appear in the main Conversation section - they are just supplemental. For example it hurts that each time I add a CSV-list to goulnik's excellent tables this bombs into the main conversation lists. It is a minor add-on not something worthy to be made that public. 
  • Open posts, wiki style
    There are some posts where I would like encourage each group member to add corrections or additions.
    Design options: With or without highlighting of changes. With or without history.

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