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phonetic map : 斯 si

Posted by goulnik October 19, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 斯

to tear; rip;
撕掉 sīdiào to tear off; apart; up
this; thus; (in transcriptions)
如斯 rúsī thus; like this
密斯 mìsī Miss
to neigh; whistle
嘶喊 sīhǎn to shout; yell
male servant; guy / together
小厮 xiǎosī page; boy
厮伴 sībàn to keep (sb.) company
  to exhaust
澌灭 sīmiè to totally disappear
澌澌 sīsī onomatopoeia **
提撕 tíxī to arouse to attention; help and guide

** 澌澌 sound of pouring rain or rushing wind

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