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Microsoft ZUNE Player

Posted by pchenery October 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I just replaced my MP3 player with a new Microsoft ZUNE. However, I am quite disappointed with the product for several reasons:

1. File organization is determined by the device itself. You do not have the flexibility to set up your playlists and organize them the way you want. The device somewhat randomly takes the file folders stored on your computer and does its own thing, storing files randomly on the device. And so, for example, it is impossible to have one playlist for Intermediate Lessons, another for Dialogue Only and so on.

2. It does not support PDF files. This is an unforgiveable oversight. Now I'm forced to drag around a binder full of hard copy PDF lessons, while trying to hunt for the lessons buried somewhere on the ZUNE. Not exactly my idea of mobile learning !

3. It does not support Windows Media player (or any other type of player) !  For some unknown reason Microsoft programmed a unique player into the ZUNE software. The result is that it does not display any dialogue for the lessons.

There are a few "pros":

1. A huge storage capacity of 80 Gb, enough to store 20,000 lessons.

2. Clear and crisp video (great for the new Vocab Tour lessons) displayed on a large 3 " screen.

3. Software that syncs the lesson files on the computer hard drive with the ZUNE seemlessly.

4. Wireless capability.

For those of you wanting to upgrade to newer technology, the ZUNE just isn't designed properly to handle the needs of mobile language learners.

Don't make the mistake I made. I'm stuck with a $200 device that continues to frustrate me.






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