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phonetic map : 止 zhi

Posted by goulnik October 26, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 止

zhǐ foundation; position
遗址 yízhǐ ruins; relics; site
地址 dìzhǐ address; location
zhǐ to stop; prohibit; stay
止痛 zhǐtòng to relieve pain
禁止 jìnzhǐ to prohibit; ban
止宿 zhǐsù to stay at
zhǐ toe; foot
脚趾 jiǎozhǐ toe
zhǐ good fortune
福祉 fúzhǐ happiness
zhǐ b.f. small islets
洲沚 zhōuzhǐ island in a river
因此 yīncǐ therefore
此外 cǐwài moreover
齿 chǐ tooth / to mention
智齿 zhìchǐ wisdom tooth
齿冷 chǐlěng to scorn; ridicule
chǐ shame; humiliation
知耻 zhīchǐ sense of shame
chě to pull; chat; gossip
拉扯 lāche to drag; pull
胡扯 húchě to talk nonsense
to stand on tiptoe; hope for
企求 qǐqiú to desire; seek; attempt
企业 qǐyè enterprise; business
to branch / different
歧路 qílù forked road; wrong way
分歧 fēnqí difference; divergence

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