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Cultural differences

Posted by jiangrongbao November 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .


Switching to English keyboard.  Although I know many letters and words in Chinese, I don't know the keyboarding well yet.  Some of the cultural differences we have found so far:

She is surprised we like cold food and drinks.  She drinks everything hot, including water, which is new to us.

Our pace of life seems to be much faster, even though she is from Zhengzhou, a city of several million, and we are from a small town in West Virginia.

Leftovers - they are either unheard of or considered unhealthy in China.

She is amazed that we go outside in 10C weather wearing shorts and a T-shirt, even if it is only for short times.

I keep getting surprised by holidays.  Are there any more Chinese holidays coming up of which I should be aware?



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