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phonetic map : (幾) 几 ji

Posted by goulnik November 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 几

* nearly **
几乎 jīhū almost; nearly
几率 jīlǜ probability
how many; several **
几何 jǐhé geometry
好几 hǎojǐ quite a few
machine; airplane;
chance; occasion; organic
机器 jīqì n. machine; apparatus
机票 jīpiào plane ticket
时机 shíjī opportunity
有机 yǒujī organic
to mock; satirize
讥笑 jīxiào to ridicule; jeer
讥讽 jīfěng ridicule
rocks projecting into water
洛杉矶 Luòshānjī Los Angeles

** 几 in this case is simplified from 幾

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