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phonetic map : 此 ci

Posted by goulnik November 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 此

雌雄 cíxióng male and female
因此 yīncǐ therefore
此外 cǐwài moreover
疵点 cīdiǎn flaw; fault
疵议 cīyì criticism
* to give a tongue-lashing to
挨呲 āicī to be scolded/criticized
purple; violet
紫外 zǐwài ultraviolet
to speak ill of sb.
訾病 zǐbìng to find fault with
b.f. moustache
髭面 zīmiàn unshaven face
(see 呲)
* to show the teeth
呲牙 zīyá to bare the teeth
corners of the eye
眦目 zìmù to open the eyes wide
to calculate / money
不赀 bùzī immeasurable
高赀 gāozī high cost
chái firewood / thin; lean
火柴 huǒchái match
柴油 cháiyóu n. diesel oil
xiē indefinite/small amount
好些 hǎoxiē a good deal of
zhài stockade; camp
鹿砦 lùzhài abatis
zuǐ n. mouth /to talk **

** 觜 now 嘴

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