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Some personal WLCP changes which I am sharing with WLCP users

Posted by MuampHeadphones November 17, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Andrew_C and anyone else in WLCP interested.
I have made some personal changes to the WLCP software which are to provide me the exact files I need, and not in any way improving the original, but just changes to allow me to get the files I need quicker. (and an excuse for me to start playing with Python scripting).
The changes are listed below, which are all done by changes made to the welovechinesepod.py Python script.
My modified Python script is called CHJwelovechinesepod.py and can be used without changing its' name, but needs to be in the directory where the real WLCP is stored.
All my changes from the original script are clearly commented in # block comments.
If you want to download and look, feel free. It is in a ZIP file along with my previous modified XSL and CSS files.

The link below is the location to get files.

The changes are:
Provides one XML file with just dialogue sentences followed by expansion sentences.
Provides just one MP3 of all dialogue sentences followed by expansion sentences.
No other files are downloaded to make it nice and quick.
Both MP3 and XML files for that lesson downloaded are placed in the directory where the script is run and the working directory which is created by the script is then deleted after the combined MP3 file is made.
Email address and password are in the script so no need to type it every run (my password removed from the DL file, but you can put yours in the space provided with Wordpad or Notepad editor).
(although using the lesson.txt list of lessons to download makes it less necessary).
The reason I made the changes was because my primary study now only uses the expansion material of the dialogue sentences and expansion sentences, and this allows me to get that stuff quick.

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