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Passersby in the night

Posted by haikeyi November 19, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I guess Sissi means ships that pass in the night. I think I've used that metaphor with her before. Jeopardy category, "Things that go bump in the night."

"Interview with a Vampire II - Sissi"

Joe: Perfect sleeping weather :-)

Sissi: Yes but a little cold

Joe: I want to eat and sleep all day.

Joe: I found a new online school at ChinesePod.com

Joe: Perfect for me and my self-study.

Sissi: #####!
Bu zoa de sheng huo! [Not a bad life]

Sounds sarcastic to me.

Joe: It's a wonderful life, la dolce vita...

Joe: but it means nothing without you.

Sissi: ############.
Wo zhi shi ni shou ming zhong de yi ge guoke. [Sorry, I can only make a literal translation: I only am you life kind of a passer-bye]

More sarcasm?

Joe: yi ge guoke shi shenme?

Sissi: A passenger

Joe: chengke ni hao :-) [Hello passenger]

Joe: What do you want to be to me?

Sissi: Women ba shidian biyucheng yilie huoche, women dou shi chengke
We describe time figuratively as a train, we are all passangers.

[But the metaphor is not time, Sissi, it was life, you introduced it - first lifestyle (sheng huo) then lifetime (shou ming)... Sissi switches to hanzi then she uses vocabulary I as a beginner will never understand. Finally she mixes metaphors. She is seething with anger, jealousy... hatred]

Sissi: ###
yi ge pengyou [a friend]

Joe: I will never learn your language, not even if I live to be 100.

Sissi: ah?

Joe: To be friends we must be kind and generous to each other.

Sissi: I am not kind to you?

Joe: You are bitter and selfish, a spoiled child.

Sissi: And?

Joe: Why, Sissi? Why do you want to hurt me?

Sissi: <message deleted>

Joe: Because I love you?

This girl is a vampire. She sucks the life blood out of me. I am aenemic. I need a transfusion. It's back to the drawing board or should I say the operating table. Life is easy. This girl makes it impossible. I want to commit suicide when I am with her, like Chen Xia and Stefani and Suzanne... The Chinese Woman

Dr. Lu shows up. He said he had a job for me, "a high paying job at a college." It turns out to be another private academy. We'll go there this weekend. Can't hurt to look. I show him ChinesePod on my laptop but he won't shut up. He's constantly talking this kind of gibberish English/Chinese they call "Chinglish." First he wants me to invite him to eat something at McDonald's next door ("Why don't you invite me...") then he offers me a special deal: he wants to teach me Chinese for one month at only 1,000 rmb. I ask him, "Do you know the difference between Active and Passive voice?" No answer, just gibberish... No deal.

I ran into Suzanne at Chouzhou McDonald's the other day. She had the bad taste of calling me out in the crowd, "Feichanghao, feichanghao..." I cringed and ignored her, ordered my coffee then left, walked to the other McDonald's where I got my refills... Why did I kick her out of my apartment? 1) She kept looking in my wallet for money, 2) She would use my phone without asking (the answer would have been "No", 3) She threw garbage out the window like the Chinese woman above me, 4) She watched TV when I made love to her (I could hear the channels changing) and 4) The meal card at the Yindu food court... You must buy a meal card, charge it up. I put 100 rmb on it then invited Suzanne to dinner - a free meal, total cost 40 rmb. That wasn't enough for her. She wanted to keep the card and wouldn't give it back to me.... I took it from her.

Beggars in the street outside McDonald's... what a country, what a life, what a wonderful life!


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