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phonetic map : 意 yi

Posted by goulnik November 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 意

meaning; idea; wish; desire; suggestion; attention; expect
意义 yìyì meaning; significance
意愿 yìyuàn wish; desire; aspiration
意料 yìliào to anticipate; expect
注意 zhùyì to pay attention to
意想不到 yìxiǎngbudào unimaginable; unexpected
chest; subjectively
胸臆 xiōngyì the chest; feelings
猜臆 cāiyì to conjecture
(expressing regret; surprise)
噫气 yīqì to belch; sigh
噫嘻 yīxī Wow! (admiration)
癔病 yìbìng hysteria
薏苡 yìyǐ Job's tears
薏米 yìmǐ pearl barley; seed of 薏苡
yi (乙)
hundred million **
十亿 shíyì one billion
亿度 yìdù to estimate

to recall; remember **
记忆 jìyì to remember; recall / memory
回忆 huíyì to recollect; recall

** simplified form of 億 is 亿,phonetic 乙
** simplified form of 憶 is 忆,
phonetic 乙

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