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Solution to a long term bugbear

Posted by tomgame November 22, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: metadata, mp3

Hi everyone.

I'm a long term Chinesepod user, been subscribed for 18 months. I dont post much, I just happily beaver away, learning my Mandarin. However, one thing's bugged me from the start. Whenever I try to get a collection of lessons on to my iPod or MP3 player, eg all the intermediate lessons, they always end up all over the place, in several different directories, and I've never been able to just line them up in order and play them from the start.

I've found the answer - each MP3 file has metadata, invisible to the user, and usually supplied by the provider, with data such as author, title, album, etc, etc.

Over the years, Chinesepod haven't been consistent with the metadata on their MP3's, and this is the reason the files won't neatly arrange themselves on our players, be they iPod, MP3 player, whatever.

There's a free program on the web called Mp3tag (google it), that lets you edit all the metadata, so that the lessons are labelled in a consistent way.

Problem solved!

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