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Posted by tvan November 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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I thought I would share the above resource and post a question.  My current Chinese learning project is to improve business vocabulary and, to that end, I purchased the pictured textbook, 實用商業會話/实用商业会话 at National Taiwan Normal University's bookstore last month.  I've always been very happy with the quality of 台大's texts, and this one is no exception.  Like most texts, it starts with a conversation, and then proceeds with vocabulary, substitution drills, etc.  There are twelve short chapters (115 pages total), with each chapter covering a businessman/woman from a different country in a different situation (e.g. Japanese setting up a meeting, Saudi dealing with non-alcoholic banquet, etc.)  The level seems to be upper-intermediate-ish (mostly Chinese except for the vocabulary), though within the range of a solid intermediate-level learner.  There is also a similar second volume.

So, for my question, are there any other poddies out there who are studying/have studied business vocabulary?  What tools outside of CPod do you use?  Any ideas/recommendations?  This book is around seven years-old and uses traditional characters, so it's not for everybody.  What simplified texts exist?  Anyone run across a book designed for self-study (i.e. one with the answers)?

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