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Posted by lydia1981 November 25, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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To begin with, let's explore a little of the Mandarin gay slang.

The most 'neutral' word to describe homosexuality in Chinese is

同性恋 【tong2xing4lian4】. Literally, it means 'love for the same sex'. Heterosexuality is 异性恋, 'love for the opposite sex'.

Bisexuality is of course '双性恋’, 'love for both sexes'.

同志,the word for comrade, is now used to describe (male) gays. If you are a lesbian, you can describe yourself as being a 拉拉 or 女同志。

1号 and 0 号: literally number one and number zero. This describes the 'husband'  and 'wife' when two gay men are having sex.

哥哥 and 弟弟: 'older brother' and 'younger brother': manly gay and feminine gay men.

T: butch

婆: femme

T吧: lesbian bar

Gay吧: gay cafe

公司: literally: company. a place or park where gays can come together.

形式结婚 - a marriage between a gay man and a lesbian. They marry so they can lead a 'normal' life, and, most importantly, don't have to upset their parents.

现身 - come out

Hope other poddies can come up with more interesting gay slang!

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