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lavender marriage: 形式结婚

Posted by lydia1981 November 25, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: lavender marriage, gay, 形式结婚

If you're gay in China, it's often very hard to tell your parents. They had other other expectations, wanting you to lead a 'normal' life, have children etcetera. To live up to their parents expectations, many gay and lesbian Chinese want to find a partner for a '形式结婚’,a marriage between gays and les (拉拉)as a method to conceal their sexuality.

At an internetforum ( I found an online marriage ad from a gay male who wants to find a lesbian to have a 形式结婚:


恋爱观念 - concept of love

苍老的面孔 - pale faces

受打击 - suffer blows

隐瞒 - cover ... up

形式结婚 - lavender marriage

拉拉 - lesbian

善意的谎言 - white lie

撑下去 - keep up, hold up

What do you think of such a marriage? Is it a good solution for gays and lesbians in China?

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