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Emperor Ai of Han - “断袖之癖"

Posted by lydia1981 November 25, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: emperor, 同性恋, gay, 断袖之癖

In ancient China, there was a famous emperor,

汉哀帝 (Emperor Ai of Han), who may be the first (and only) gay emperor of China!

He had a relationship with a minor official, Dong Xian, which power grew as their relationship developed. Eventually, when Emperor Ai died, Dong Xian was forced to commit suicide.

There is a 成语 which describes the relationship between the two, "断袖之癖"



哀帝 - emperor Ai

董贤 - Dong Xian

袖子 【xiu4zi】- sleeve

枕 - 【zhen3】 - rest one's head on

起身 - here: to get up

不忍 - cannot bear to

惊醒 - wake up with a start

拔剑 - 【ba2jian4】 - draw one's sword

割断 - 【ge1duan4】to cut (off)


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