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phonetic map : 乞 qi

Posted by goulnik November 26, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 乞

to seek; plead for
乞丐 qǐgài beggar
乞求 qǐqiú to beg for; implore
乞假 qǐjià to ask for a leave of absence
* .
吃吃 qīqī (sound of giggling)
up until; from beginning to end
迄今 qìjīn up to now; so far
迄未 qìwèi not yet
to end; complete; settle
起讫 qǐ-qì beginning and end
付讫 fùqì paid; paid in full
vapor; steam; gaseous (same as 汽)
* chī to eat; live on; wipe out; absorb; exhaust
坐吃 zuòchī to live on one's resources
吃掉 chīdiào to eat up; annihilate; absorb
吃亏 chīkuī v.o. suffer loss
吃力 chīlì be a strain; tired; exhausted
* qián (trigrams) / heaven; male principle
乾道 qiándào ways of heaven; natural law
乾坤 qiánkūn heaven and earth; the universe / male and female
* gān dry; hollow / in vain; only; simply **
干旱 gānhàn arid; dry
干脆 gāncuì clear-cut / simply; just
干等着 gānděngzhe to wait in vain
* .
疙瘩 gēda swelling; pimple; lump
疙腻 gēnì revolted; sickened
* .
仡佬族 Gēlǎozú Gelo ethnic minority
打圪瘩 dǎ gēda to tie a knot
虼蚤 gèzao flea
虼螂 gèláng dung beetle
(same as 胳)
肐臊 gēsāo armpit odor
肐膀 gēbǎng upper arm
疙瘩 gāda place; spot
回纥 Huíhé Uighurs
to bite
龁啖 hédàn to bite and eat
龁啮 héniè to gnaw forcibly
矻矻 kūkū diligent; industrious

** 乾 is full form of 干 gān

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