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phonetic map : 卓 zhuo

Posted by goulnik November 26, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 卓

zhuó tall and erect; eminent
卓立 zhuólì to stand firm / upright
卓越 zhuóyuè outstanding; brilliant
zhuō table; desk
上桌 shàngzhuō to sit at the table; serve dishes
chuò spacious; graceful; nickname
绰裕 chuòyù plentiful; ample
绰约 chuòyuē graceful (of women)
绰号 chuòhào nickname
chuō to jump; excel
踔厉风发 chuōlìfēngfā to talk eloquently
zhào to cover / hood; trap; cage
罩住 zhàozhu to highlight
罩衣 zhàoyī overalls
口罩 kǒuzhào mask
罩捕 zhàobǔ to net; trap
zhào oar / to row
棹船 zhàochuán to row a boat
chāo to scald
diào to drop; fall; lose; turn; fall behind
改掉 gǎidiào to give up; drop
失掉 shīdiào to lose; miss
掉转 diàozhuǎn to turn around
掉队 diàoduì to drop out/off; fall behind
dào to mourn; lament
悲悼 bēidào to mourn sb.'s death
悼文 dàowén memorial speech
nào mud; slime
泥淖 nínào mire; bog; morass

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