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拉拉‘s with children?

Posted by lydia1981 November 26, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: lesbian, 生孩子,人工受孕

What do young Chinese lesbians think about having children together?

A question on a forum for lesbians:



Q: 这些天突发奇想要生个小孩子,跟我的T说了,她强烈反对。理由是没有能力抚养好一个孩子长大成人。


A: 我想啊  就是不知怎么生

A: 我查过的,可以人工受孕,费用也不高

A: 为了小孩的以后着想 还是不要了吧

A: 我老公天天缠着我要我给她生个宝宝。。她太喜欢小孩了  抱着她小外甥都不放手

A: 妈妈a?妈妈b? 爸爸呢?

( )

TT = lesbians (sometimes T = butch, P = femme)

突发 = suddenly, sudden outburst

奇想 = strange idea

T = here: partner

强烈反对 = strongly oppose

抚养 = bring ... up

人工(辅助)受孕 = IVF

着想 = 【zhuo2xiang3】 = consider

老公 & 老婆: lesbian couples call each other 老公 (husband) and 老婆·(wife)。sometimes 老公 means butch, 老婆 femme.

缠 = pester

外甥 = 【wai4sheng1】 = nephew

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