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A Chinese study on homosexuality [1]- 中国同性恋研究

Posted by lydia1981 November 28, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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In 2005, the China Society Press (中国社会出版社) published a research on homosexuality in China.

Although it's a bit dry, I thought it would be nice to give a short overview here of the findings of their research.

Next time I will present their findings chapter per chapter.


Homosexuality in China

Homosexality has for a long time been seen as something mysterious. People regard it as forbidden area, and as something that should be closely guarded secret.

But in reality, this phenomenon has always existed from ancient times to now, and is not to be ignored. It should receive the consideration and serious attention of society in all it's aspects.

同性恋在中国长期以来被涂上一层神秘的色彩,人们把它视为禁区,讳莫如深。实际上这一现象从古至今都客观存在着,它是不容回避的,应该得到社会各方面的关 心与重视。

This book is composed by professor Liu Dalin and professor Lu Longguang. It analyses homosexuality in ancient and modern times, and has over 2000 research analysis examples, seen from a psycho-analitical and sociological point of view. We hope that people can treat homosexuals with a correct attitude, so they [homosexuals] can leave their feelings of inferiority, humiliation and despair behind.

本书由刘达临、鲁龙光教授主编而成,分析古代与现代的同性恋者,并从临床心理学及社会学角度上做了2000多例调查分析,希望人们能以正确的态 度对待同性恋者,使他们从自卑、屈辱甚至绝望的心理中解脱出来。

The general situation and the reasons for research on homosexuality in China

Since the eighties, research on homosexuality, homosexuality and public policy have gradually become hot topics and fields of interest in the society of mainland China. A number of research papers has been published, and some media have started to report openly on homosexuality. The main events are:

1980 年代以来,同性恋研究、同性恋与公共政策话题在中国(大陆)逐渐成为社会热点和关注领域,出版了数部研究专著,部分媒体对同性恋问题也开始予以正面报道,其主要事件有:

In 1981, Popular Medicine published Zhang Mingyuan's essay on the homosexual phenomenon in The Dream of the Red Chamber.

In 1985, Wish you good health published Ruan Fangfu's "Homosexuality - a still unresolved riddle", in which homosexuality was regarded as a normal phenomenon.

In 1990 Gu Xueqi carried out a research with 111 gays and lesbians, and the next year published a report of his research.

In 1991, the head of China Health Research Institute, Chen Bingzhong and his assistent Wan Yanhai and others started with health education and research aimed at homosexuals.

In 1992, Pan Suiming carried out a research on the sexual behaviour of homosexuals in Beijing and 4 other cities. This project was included in the National Aids Prevention project. The same year, Li Yinhe's and Wang Xiaobo's "Their world", a research with case studies of homosexuals was published.

1992年,潘绥铭对北京等4城市同性恋性者的行为进行调查,该项目被列入国家艾滋病防治项目;同年,李银河和王小波同性 恋个案访谈研究《他们的世界》出版。

To be continued...

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