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phonetic map : 出 chu

Posted by goulnik January 17, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 出

chū to go/come out; issue; produce; happen; pay out
出口 chūkǒu to export / exit
出版 chūbǎn to publish
出产 chūchǎn to produce
出事 chūshì to have an accident
付出 fùchū to pay; expend
* chū (量词 for dramatic pieces)
一出戏 yī chū xì play; theatrical performance
chǔ base
基础 jīchǔ base; foundation / basic
chu to dismiss from office
黜斥 chùchì to dispel; reject; keep away
排黜 páichù to force sb. to resign
to bend; wrong; suffer a ∼; subdue; crooked
委屈 wěiqu to wrong sb. / grievance
屈服 qūfú to surrender; yield
屈曲 qūqū crooked; winding
zhuō clumsy; awkward; dull / my
拙笨 zhuōbèn clumsy; unskillful
拙见 zhuōjiàn my humble opinion
duō .
咄咄 duōduō tut-tut
书空咄咄 shūkōngduōduō great disillusion

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