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phonetic map : 最 zui

Posted by goulnik November 30, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 最

zuì adv. most; superlatively
最适 zuìshì optimum
最最 zuìzuì extremely; to the utmost
zuì .
蕞尔 zuì'ěr very small
* cuō to gather; scoop up / 1 ml; a pinch
撮要 cuōyào synopsis
撮牛奶 cuō niúnǎi to milk a cow
公撮 gōngcuō milliliter
zuō to suck
嘬奶 zuōnǎi to suck the breast
嘬嘴 zuōzuǐ to purse the lips
* zuǒ (量词 for hair)
撮子 zuǒzi a tuft (of hair)

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